Dogs are seen with mask in China - আজ খবর । দেখছি যা লিখছি তাই । ডিজিটাল মিডিয়ায় অন্যতম শক্তিশালী সংবাদ মাধ্যম

Sonar Tori

Dogs are seen with mask in China

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Aaj Khabor (English), Bejing, China, 31/01/2020 : Corona virus has been transmitted to China, and for that reason, there is no end of warning among ordinary people in that country; Humans will be careful to prevent this deadly disease, but what do four-legged animals do? The Chinese people are now emphasizing the need to keep their masks in order to save their families.
Not only in Beijing, but in different cities in China, the mask of teaching pets has begun. A large number of pet masks are being sold in Chinese shops. A Beijing shopkeeper named Zhou Tianjiao said, "Now we are selling more than a dozen more masks every day than we used to sell masks. And these masks are being purchased for domestic pets."
Now most Chinese dogs are seen walking around wearing masks. Some generous individuals and volunteer organizations are also teaching masks to street dogs. Zhao Tianjiao was saying, "Previously everyone used to buy such masks only to avoid contamination, but now after the corona virus has been released, special masks are also being sold in large quantities to the pets."